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Tag rugby

Tag Rugby is an amazing sport.It is a sport for boys and girls.It is a non contact sport.
There are some strict rules in tag rugby:
1: When you score a try you have to have both feet on the floor and hand contact on the ball.
2: When you grab someones tag you have to shout tag and give it straight back to the person.
3: There is definately no contact or someone could get hurt!

one year ,(2013) some  people were given a chance to go and represent the school in a tag rugby tournerment in Eastleigh 

They were against 12 other schools and over 50 children. Hiltingbury had 2 teams. Team 1 and team 2. Unfortunately team 2 came last .However team 1 came 3rd!  But they all had a great time and would love to do it again!. maybe you will get the chance to do this in your new 2018 class. 

this year, (2017) we did a few sessions on this sport . it really is a competitive game. I am sure that many people are looking forward to doing this sport .   

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