In music we did Peter and the wolf, which is music that uses a range of different instruments like violin and bassoon. It is about (of course)  wolf and a boy called peter. We used instruments to make our own  melody based on Peter and the wolf. We learnt about, the pitch (how high or low the note). The timbre (the quality of the sound). The duration (how long it lasts). The dynamics (the volume). The tempo (the speed of the beat) and finally the texture (how many instruments are playing).  


Hey Mr Miller!

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We did a topic on blues (we even wrote our own SATS blues in groups!). During this lesson we had to get to get into groups and try to write a poems. This would be on the topic of our SATS. Its a lot harder than it looks. Even though we did one lesson on it, it was still very educational. Firstly , we learned what the blues was (a type of music). Then , we learned about where it came from and why it was made. Basically , this lesson was a brief introduction to the blues. However , I would have loved to have learned more on this topic.