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Describing people

WALT: In this unit children learn the names for main parts of the body and revise colours. They ask and answer questions about physical appearance.
• Make simple statements (about appearance)
• Give a simple description (of a person)
Adjectives: agreement and position
• avoir: j’ai, il/elle a (I have, he/she has)
• être: il/elle est (he/she is)
• Phonic focus: ou, eu

Heads shoulders song in French

Here are some online activities to learn the different parts of the body:

(Both the above were made using 'Purple Mash' - why not try making your own?)

Online Activities

  1. Le corps
  2. Morpion
  3. La chasse au mot
  4. Le corps au pluriel
  5. Mots croisés
  6. Le garde du corps
  7. Chez le médecin
  8. Complète le robot
  9. Complète la phrase
  10. Très Tetris
  11. C'est comment, le robot?

and some more for describing your appearance