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Times tables tests

Before you start the x tables, make sure you know your NUMBER BONDS for addition!
Click here for number bonds to 20
Random time stables test: 


Times-Table Tests

(clicking on these links below will take you to the test that includes related facts - your score will be emailed to you straight away)

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These links are for extra practice

  LEARN all your times tables

 2 x tables Click the fish in sequence 2,4,6 etc
Hit the button (doubling and halving game)
 3 x tables test video,
 4 x tables  

5 x tables  

6 x tables test videotips and tricks,
 7 x tables test videotips and tricks,
 8 x tables test videotips and tricksclimbing game
 9 x tables  
 10 x tables To practise x 10 and 100 and dividing by 10 and 100 click here 
 11 x tables  

12 x tables  

All x tables 
Tips and tricks
Connect 4 factors
Times tables grid
Dick and Dom's factors
Loop cards

fridge magnet division

Conveyor belt maths

Speed grid challenge

Hit the button

Sums math