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The Legend of Dick and Dom shape challenge
  • Hadeel recommends this website
  • Try these shape puzzles to test your knowledge
  • BBC Bitesize
  • Shapesorter (simple)
  • Quadrilateral sorter
  • Shape sorter game - you have to sort the shapes really fast to beat this
  • Pentominoes - good for rotation and reflection
  • math bingo - good for learning the vocabulary and technical properties
  • Carroll diagram shape sorting
  • learn the vocab pairs game (pelmanism)
  • Venn diagram shape sorting
  • Shape reveal
  • Playing with 3D nets (needs java to run)
  • More 3d nets (flash version)
  • 3D memory game
  • Cuboids and volume
  • Name the 3D shapes (simple)
  • Revise 2D and 3D shapes online
  • Symmetry
  • Symmetry webquest

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