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Throughout the course of the year, there is many different elements of maths you will learn about. This includes converting decimals to fractions, fractions to percentages, and so on. Also, you will focus on BODMAS, and maths investigations nearer the end of the academic year.
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Great sites for times tables practice:

Great APPs for maths practice on iPad / iPod / iPhone:
  • Maths Meteor to practice the four skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division (FREE)
  • Doodle Maths Free trial then buy the full version as it is worth every penny: games assess your KS2 level and work out exactly what you need to practice to increase both skills and speed. Oh and it emails your parents too, letting them know how hard you have been working.
Mental maths games used in class to help speed up and practise:
Place Value, Four rules - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (week 1 Summer)
    Addition & Subtraction
    Multiplication and division
shape, space and measure  

probability and data

For fun try 'Who wants to be a Mathonaire?' or some mental maths and here and here Try..Leapfrog or Loopy snooker investigation or Diagonal differences


Investigating Greek mathematicians - Pythagorus
 Investigating Greek mathematicians - Archimedes
Investigating Greek mathematicians - Thales
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