This year in Computing we will be;
  • Programming and coding our own adventure games
  • Trying out a variety of presentation tools
  • Learning more advanced ways to use spreadsheets and databases
  • Creating our own websites
  • Using Google Classroom (a safe forum) to submit homework,share ideas and resources
  • Sharing documents and collaborating online together, simultaneously
  • Exploring 'cloud computing' through Google Drive
Click here for how to do programming using PYTHON at home
Click here to try some basic coding using 'blockie' (like scratch) or lightbot (works on any device)

but as always, whatever we do, we will be reminding you to keep safe online and use the internet responsibly. Click here if you think you know already..

Here are some Computing challenges and activities for you to try at home meanwhile:

You will be learning about how to use a computer programme called Python. you will also use a help site by our one and only Mr Baggs. On this site , we all learnt about lots of different types of code.The activity was we would read Mr Baggs challenge and then try to complete it in the site.