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Isle of Wight

The residential visit will take place in the summer term. 

While you are at your week away , you will have to do many fun and interesting activities . these include : Archery, Rock pooling and  raft building. During each day, you will participate in lots of end of day activities. These include high intensity running games which will get you tired for the evening.One of the favourite ones was called strategio. It is all about getting into two teams and trying to steal each overs cards . Basically , on each card , there is a number on it.  Highest number wins. Also , there is a delicious set of meals to look forward to each day (Breakfast , lunch and dinner ). Each day , you will be served with a different meal . They are very tasty . Also , on the last night , you will do story’s round the campfire .This is where you will tell anything funny or entertaining around a campfire to the rest of your classmates .                                                                             


You can find out more about where we are going from the East Dene Centre official website - click here.

The packing powerpoint is below as a reminder of what to bring - or not to bring. 
Remember you will need to carry your own suitcase and there are a lot of stairs and corridors. Your suitcase also needs to fit underneath your bunk bed as there are no storage areas in the bunk rooms.

IOW packing.

The food is great - ask any of the children who have been before. We all eat the same meals together for breakfast and evening meal, and each day there is a packed lunch which sometimes you eat with your group but again mostly when we are altogether again.

Bedrooms are for sleeping only. They are NOT hotel rooms, they are 'bunk rooms'. They do not have wardrobes or drawers and your suitcase will need to fit underneath your bunk. You will be told which bunk room you will be in on arrival at the centre, however your teacher will have asked you to write on a piece of paper the name of someone you would like to share with and we guarantee you will be with at least one of those names. Teachers will be sleeping in the rooms next to you and will be looking after a few bunk rooms each. This year, for the first time we will not all be staying in the main (old) house - most of us will be in the coach house as it has a few rooms on the downstairs floor which are more suitable for wheelchair access. As we will completely fill the coach house, we also get the use of some large communal rooms too.

Activities will include the likes of;
archery, rock-pooling, beach combing, the big walk, pirates & smugglers, some art and crafts, bushcraft and outdoor swimming. It's so exciting!

But the most important part... 

Image result for what colour are the hoodies?

What colour will the hoodie be??

Here are some pictures from this years trip. 
doesn't it look like so much fun !