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End of Year Performance

At the end of the year, year six will perform, one last time to the parents. 

This performance will vary each year. It really is a good way to go out with a bang! This will be the last end of year performance you will ever do so it is in your best interest to contribute. As many performances go, you will have the chance to audition in front of all your teachers and year 6 peers. 

You will have the choice to either audition for a big or small speaking part. It takes real confidence to stand up there and say your part. During the auditions , you will be judged on your confidence, acting and voice (if you're doing a singing part). 

Also, you will be doing many songs together as a year group.They will vary depending on the performance topic. Also, you will have two scenes per class.They will be the best chance to show of your classes skills. 

Finally,you need to be very enthusiastic and interested in the part you have been given to be a true drama expert. When it comes, I hope you all will contribute and enjoy your last end of year performance!

Updated July 2017 by Sophie and Ben