During your time in year 6, you will cover many topics such as English. This includes many things; for example: The magical world of Harry Potter; Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth and the disaster of the Titanic.

Harry Potter

In this topic, you will write complaint letters to Mr and Mrs Dursley and write your own potion recipes and do many more interesting activities. It is magical!.


While learning about this tragedy, you will cover Who is To Blame for the Death of King Duncan , and the main plot of the whole terrible tale. It really is terribly gory!


So, who will you think will be to blame for the sinking of the titanic, and what will you discover in your research? You will be truly sinkable!


In your time at year six, there is a range of different Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar topics you will look at. This includes some of the stuff you have already looked a bit at in year 5, like: I SPACED,  FANBOYS, and targets in your ladder for different terms. You will also look at newer topics including Fronted Adverbials and I. S.A.W. A. W.A.B.U.B.. In addition, you also look at standard English and handwriting.


Most of when you will focus on this subject is done in the middle of the academic year, in the months leading up to SATs. While focusing on this topic, most of the periods of time you spend on it in class (don't forget you need to read at home as well) will be used to do comprehensions. In addition, your class will look at ,in the ladders, what you can improve on and achieve from the skills within. Also, there is a reading paper in SATs, which is the main reason you do this in class in the first place-also for a few other reasons!